Sunday, 6 November 2011

WIP: Feather stitch bracelet

Feather stitch (kråkspark) is one of my favourite embroidery stitches. This is however the first time I've tried my hands at beaded feather stitch. What finally made me get around to this project today was my decision to write about this technique in my other blog (due to be published this Tuesday).

Here you can see the pitfalls of working in poor light -- and not focusing that much on the beads you pick up... I've used my beloved marbled Toho seed beads, but it's just that some of the beads are less marbled and much greener than the rest. A natural variation that isn't that much of a problem in beadwoven designs, but here I think it just sticks out. But I'm not going to rip it up so I better learn to like it!

The bracelet in made from a reversible 10 mm wide satin ribbon with one olive side and one chocolate brown. I then let that colour scheme choose the colour of the thread and beads for me. The reason I use synthetic satin ribbons for many of my bracelets is simple: it's so easy to find in different widths and colours. You can find them in bead shops, craft and scrapbooking shops, haberdasheries, fabric stores etc. I prefer ribbon to fabric as I don't have to hem the edges but just the ends when making bracelets.

This is still a WIP mostly because I'm not sure what kind of clasp I want to use fot it. Nothing too heavy, of cause. Perhaps just a small snap fastener. It's very descreet and lightweight. Or a small hook and clasp. Will have to think about that while looking for my snaps.


  1. I like the snap closure idea. This is a lovely bracelet. I like the bit of variation I can see from the photos in the colors. It works beautifully with the stylized look of the embroidery. Great job!!!

  2. Thank you! Feather stitch is just such a nice stitch to work with, both fun and fast. My fingers are already itching to do more of these!

    1. the idea is simple, but the result is gorgeous ! I love your choice of carnations for ruban, thread and pearls

  3. Such a cool idea! I really like it. It shows how versatile this stitch is. Well done.

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  7. A lovely use of this stitch for the bracelet.

  8. Thank you! I hope it can be of inspiration to someone.

    (And I see the comment section seems to have had hiccups -- I'll remove some of the doubled comments.)

  9. It is of inspiration to me! What a great idea. I can use this idea for seam treatments on CQ. Thanks. It's lovely.

  10. Thank you for your lovely comments!


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