Saturday, 11 February 2012

TAST week 6: Chevron stitch

English name: Chevron stitch
Swedish name: Flätsöm med små sidostygn

This week's challenge was a stitch I've never tried before. To be honest I didn't care that much for it and perhaps felt it was slightly complicated. I have no idea why I thought that because it's a really easy stitch. And you can get some nice effects. I especially like the lattice pattern you get when doing several close rows of chevron. Abover you can see one example of that. The stitches above are threaded with red floss that melts into the garishly christmas red background.

Of cause I also did a few stitches with the Aurica yarn. Nothing fancy and I didn't try making it double as I did with e.g. the herringbone stitch.

Here's a few different variations of single and double chevron stitch. Rows 3 and 7 (from the top) have whipped edges. The fourth row is double chevron with small running stitches tacking the long stitches down where they intersect in the middle.

In the green row to the left I added fly stitches to either side of the stitch. (If you wonder about the muddled aida around the green stitches it's due to me editing out some other unrelated stitches -- I'm stitching on the same aida scrap used for my doodling last autumn.)

Last, but not least, I elaborated on the pattern created already above, adding cross stitches to the diamonds created by stitching multiple rows of chevron stitches to create a latticework. First I did a sample with red floss, thinking it's probably be more visible in daylight, but it wasn't... As you can see below.

And that's it. TAST week 6. I've learnt how to do a new stitch and while I didn't find it interesting before this challenge I've now come to like it. I'm sure it'll come in handy one day.

What is TAST?

Take a Stitch Tuesday is a weekly embroidery challenge throughout the year by Sharon of Pin Tangle. You can read more about it here (or by clicking the TAST badge to the right).

To see what others have done in this stitch, check out the comments in this post on Pin Tangle. Be sure not to miss Sharon's lovely stitch variations in the actual post.


  1. i was hoping to come here and see an Aurifil chevron stitch. i like it~!


  2. Lovely samplers. I keep thinking of making Roman numerals with this stitch, especially the yellow on red looks like that. And I'm totally fond of your sample with the Aurica yarn!

  3. Thank you! Yes, the Aurica yarn feels like it was a good idea. I'm thinking about making a few posts with all the aurica samples in one place soon.

  4. You've got a great reference there now, and I'm sure you'll find uses for the stitch - it's a good one!


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