Note on copyright and pinning

If not otherwise noted, all texts, pictures and projects are © Kristina Johansson (yepp, that's my alter ego Maneki's real name). The text below applies to both my blogs, Manekis pärlblogg and Wild roses and blackberries.

Borrowing images and text

If you want to copy texts or pictures for use on your blog or on your website, please contact me first. I'm very reasonable, especially if it's for non-commercial use. I just want to know how and where it will be used. Some photos I've spent at lot of time fixing up and editing and it's sad to then see someone use/abuse them without so much as a thanks or any sort of credits for my work. It has happened, I've had pictures and tutorials stolen from this blog, as has most bloggers. I hope you understand and respect this.
However, of cause you may freely use one or two pics if writing a feature on my blog or linking to a post I've written, e.g. one of the tutorials -- no need to ask my permission in advance in those cases (but feel free to contact me if you want me to read it). Just don't publish whole blog posts or tutorials.

You may not take my photos and/or texts and use them for your own purposes, e.g. post them on your website (especially not adding your watermarks or claiming your copyrights to them). This particularly applies to commercial uses of any kind. If you do want to use any of my material for such use, contact me and we'll discuss terms and conditions. My material is available here on this blog for others to enjoy -- to read, watch and, in the case of the free tutorials, learn from. They're free to enjoy, they're not free to take. Please respect the difference.


You are very welcome to pin images from my blogs. Just try to credit them properly so the source is easy to find, i.e. make sure the image link goes to the blog, not pinning from a google search page or similar where it's impossible to find the source after a while (that's for your own sake too if you want to find whatever you pinned again).

Other peoples images

Please note that this only applies to my own images and texts, not images I in turn have borrowed from other sources. Those pics are rare on my blog, but they do exist (credited in one way or another so they aren't hard to spot). If you want to pin or borrow such images, please follow my links to the source and respect the licence and requests of the copyright holder.
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