Monday, 9 September 2013

Just a quick note

UPDATE: Forgot to say thank you everyone who has commented on the news of Mini's passing, it's been very appreciated! He sure was feisty and almost drove some of our other loved cats away, but still he was our beloved little kitten at heart. Also, thanks for you comments on the blog hop -- still have more than a third to go but I'll get around sooner or later!

I just wanted to say something about how things are with me in case I've seemed down for the count. I'm still ill. Got to the doctor on late friday afternoon and after seeing my test results he immediately put me on penicillin (now, depending on what country you live in that might mean nothing, but in Sweden doctors are very aware of the resistance issues and do not prescribe stuff like that without good cause). Took my first pill that night, but still waiting for the magic to happen -- and I don't mean what penicillin apparently do to my stomach (never been on it before).

Anyway, not being able to sleep a whole night due to cough and not having been able to eat normally since last wednesday I'm really feeling tired and weak now. And just like I'm having a major cold but with the mucus all in my airways instead of  nose (yuck). I thought the former was bad, now I know better! At least then you can reroute the oxygen intake so to speak, skip the nose, and it stops at night. Coughing is almost the other way around. My favourite thing to do when ill, be it a headache or upset stomache or cold or whatever, is to sleep it off. Now I can't to that. The sleep-on-your-back-and-losen-every-muscle routine that's fab with a headache causes me to cough these days.

So I'm really hoping this little miracle of a medicine, penicillin, will help me soon. Right now it's up and down and I feel better in the morning than in the evening. It might just be a silly little bug, but it sure knocked me right out, leaving me tired and unbalanced (a few hours ago I cried watching Time Team as they found neonat burials -- and then again when the coast guards in Alaska rescued a bunch of people in horrible weather -- I'm misty-eyed but this was just beyond even my normal standard). And don't even ask what happened when I fed the cats yesterday, unable to heard them with my special food chant. I can't do sing-song shouts now, which not only tell the cats it's dinner time, but also call them back from places they aren't allowed. Very frustrating. So very frustrating, especially when no one else offers to help out.

All in all, I'm really not up to being social right now or ever being online asocially. Depending on how much of a fight this bug will put up, I'm not sure how much e-mail, blog or any other time I'll muster with. If there's no update on Manekis Pärlblogg on Thursday it's because I only got to wednesday before it got all too much. No post on thursday shouldn't be alarming, just means I messed up a schedule post saying the blog is on hold due to health issues. Doesn't mean I'm doing worse, just that I'm still not back where I want to be yet.


  1. Get well soon and relax. We know you are not fit for fight for blogging. Milka

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, Milka! On new meds and I've got an inhalor to help when the breathlessness gets too bad so hopefully I'll go in the right direction now. The maxin treatment I got at the doctor's yesterday morning has really helped a lot so I'm feeling so much better even if the illness itself haven't begun to recede yet.


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