Sunday, 11 May 2014

Captured wishes

The potato season has begun so I'm not blogging much right now, but as I'm prepping some posts for my other blog I might as well show you some recent photos. I keep getting back to romantic/poetic jewellery using dried plant materials and this time it was the "make a wish pendants/necklaces" using dandelion seeds that captured my interest.

I thought it'd be cute to take a photo of the pendants in the grass or, as I ended up choosing, the moss to, but it turned out to be a less that ideal spot for taking photos of glass... Stupid glare...

Well, at least the moss is pretty as always. Had the pendants been filled with anthing more substantial or colourful than dandelion seeds it would also had been less of an issue. (And, yes, I'm going to pretend no one can see the Tack-It I used to keep the brass lid on the glass globe. Didn't want to glue it in place as I will take out the dandelion seeds and replace it with something else, but had to do something to keep the lid from popping of while taking the photos.)

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