Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More etching: Butterfly meadow onyx pendant

I found this pic on my computer. It's an onyx pendant I etched at the same time I made the bird pendant for Joanna. To make it I composed a scene using several different peel-off stickers or parts of stickers. The stone covered by stickers stay shiny while the rest of the surfaces i frosted by the etch.

I'm still pretty much a beginner at etching motifs like this. When etching on stone it's not just a risk of etching too deep, but also that etching too much can bring out some unwanted surprises like bandning in the stone. That happened to another bird pendant I did in the same batch. And in the pendant above, you can see another problem: the pale lines where the cream (I presume) starts to get in under the edges of the stickers. I hope cutting the etching time will eliminate the problem because these really were etched a few minute more than necessary.

I like the touch of velvet matte stone, but the reason I've made several stone pendants is at least partially because I found it easier to get by black stone pendants than simple, unadorned glass pendants.

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