Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Earlier than last year (due to the long, snowy winter), but later than the year before, which was a "normal" warm Skåne winter. It's almost a tradition for me to take out my camera and capture the first spring flowers, especially waiting for the snowdrops. Here's a handful photos documenting the event this year. Some are from yesterdays, the rest I got earlier today.

I've got a new pic of a couple of the winter aconites as well:


  1. Aw, your pictures made me smile today. :) We don't have any blossoms here yet, but I did notice some little sprigs of green poking out of the snow. Here's hoping they will come soon! Gorgeous pictures. :)

  2. How beautiful they are, thanks for sharing x

  3. Wow. Those pics make me very hopeful that spring is coming! I love those snowdrops. They look like perfect little earrings!
    Thank you for sharing this bright loveliness!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Lovely photos snowdrops are so special x

  5. Really long for the springflowers to Stockholm! Have a nice day/Eva

  6. Thank you -- I'm glad you liked the pics!

    I read the paper this morning and there was another sure sign of spring: the first potatoes are in the soil now here on Bjäre. You can read about it here: (That's how I make a living too, during spring and summer, so in a few weeks time I'll spend the days on one of those machines as well.)


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