Saturday, 9 July 2011

Embellished hama-ami motifs

I keep rummaging through my saved photos. These two little floral motifs are a couple of little beaded things I found among the files. Above is a simple five-petal hana-ami motif with a beaded outline, made using 4 mm round beads and 11/0 Toho seed beads.Use six beads/"petals" and you get a flat flower, use five and you get a more dimensional motif. How dimensional depends on the shape and size of the beads of cause.

This is a puffy hana-ami motif (a doubled version of the first one) made using 6 mm round beads. I did quite a few back when I happened to mention these on a beading forum and many of the other (seed)beaders got hooked on making these. The basic version, that is, not this one where I've added 4 mm rounds and seed beads between each section.

I think I like the small flower "button" better than the chubby snowflake. But you have to try all versions you come up with, don't you? (Granted, I don't have to blog about the ones I'm not satisfied with, but somehow I feel it's just more honest to show some of them too when I make a summary of my experiments... A full sampler, including both successful and failed versions. And if nothing else it might deter others from making the same mistakes I did.)

To read more about "puffy hana-ami motifs" (hana-amipuffar), se my earlier post, which has links to tuts.


  1. Gorgeous - I'm going to explore the links and go play!

  2. I like both of your designs very much. Thanks for sharing the link to your earlier post--from there I hopped off to find instructions that I could follow.

  3. Thank you!

    I hope the links were useful for you. There are different ways to stitch these motifs and different methods work for different persons. They are a lot of fun to do since they're relatively fast to make and you can alter the look just by changing bead shapes, adding a row of seed beads, stitching several motifs together etc etc.


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