Monday, 11 July 2011

We've got kittens

These little ones were born some time before Midsummer's Eve, but I didn't want to show any pics before it was properly decided that we should keep them. We already have eight cats so three more? Of cause we've had over a dozen cats many times, but still: it's a stress on an already tight budget. My sis, however, refused to even consider not keeping them. So here we are. One farm, eleven cats. (And, no, they don't all get along -- luckily they've got a lot of space.)

They don't have any names yet. I just call them One, Two and Three. One is the one with the largest white streak on the face, sitting in the middle in the photo above. Two is the "copy" with a similar but more narrow streak (right). Three is the one with the white dot on the nose (left).

That's one of the kittens, sleeping in the paws of his older bother, Knatti. They were so cute -- and I really annoyed them using the flash (notice Knatti's eye, he's not happy about this). Still, the little one slept right through the photo session. The big brother wasn't at all fond of the kitties at first -- not least since their protective mum attacked him unprovoced. She did that to all of the cats, but he didn't like being treated like that by his own mummy. No wonder... Well, now she's less protective -- she doesn't even care if they fall down the stairs anymore -- and Knatti has learnt that kittens can be fun, both to watch and to play with. And he loves to cuddle up and sleep together with them.

And this is the kittens' uncle Randi. It was a very warm and humid day so he didn't seem to care that one kitty slept on his tale and the other one on his butt. Like Knatti, he likes to be around them and the kittens like to sleep close to him. (Yes, that orange bedspread is ugly -- from the good ol' 70's I reckon -- but it's good to have something you're not that fond of to cover the duvet covers that you are fond of when you have outdoor cats.)

No pic of mummy, Ninjis, here, but I've got one in this post.  And there's another one od her and Randi as kittens here.

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