Friday, 4 October 2013

You know you're a beader when...

... you have the nightmare I just had last night. Now, I don't normally chat about my dreams, but this one was sort of fun in retrospect. Or weird depending on if you are (or understand) a beader or not.

It was a simple, short dream/nightmare. It all started with me coming home only to realise that someone had broken into the house. The thieves had gotten in through the door to the "bead room" and had taken all my beads and the cabinet with all my paints. Probably also my tools and fabric and yarn stash, but I don't know as I was so upset by the loss of the beads. It was horrible, like the worst thing imaginable. And here's the thing: they'd only entered the bead room and taken my whole bead stash. Nothing else. The other rooms where fine and not one other thing was taken. But they'd taken my beads! My stash that I've been gathering for years and which mainly is made up of modern seed beads and czech beads, but also include some unique vintage beads, antique 30/0 seeds, unusual pendants and hard-to-find components. It was such a nightmare. I'd been less upset if they'd taken the telly, computer and credit card! I was really grieving the loss of the beads. Completely forlorn.

And then I woke up, happily realising it was just a dream and that I still have my precious collection of beads in the room below. So relieved!

Now, in retrospect I have to wonder what kind of thieves steal acrylic paints and glass beads but not flat-screen tellies, jewellery and money/credit cards. Not that we have much fancy stuff or expensive jewellery, but even a stupid thief would surely nick a gold-plated necklace thinking it was precious metal rather than stack up on craft supplies, right? In fact, I've even thought for myself that I'm not afraid of burglars because they would never understand the value of my bead stash (which is the most valuable thing I own pretty much) and thus leave it alone. But maybe there are burglars who bead or just have learned to spot an expensive finish on Delicas and identify fancy vintage swarovski crystals? I hope not!


  1. Oh my that is a horrible nightmare! I would have woke up in a panic if I would have dreamed that. When I am stressing over a design, you know when it is just not coming out right, I sometimes have dreams of not being able to find the one thing that I need for a design and I know I have it in my stash, but it is no where to be found, but when I wake up I go look for the item and there it is and as it turns out was the perfect item to complete my design.
    So maybe this dream you had is really going to bring something good to your stash, instead of dread.

    1. What a great dream you had! Dreams sure are funny. Sometimes they help (like you got your subconscious help from your brain), sometimes they just scare us. It's probably no coincidence that I dreamed this after having to deal with my drastically shrunken bead budget. IRL, the money went to important but unexpected expenses for my cat's and my health, but in my brain all I could see was bead money disappearing. Like being cheated out of a future bead stash, almost as drastically as I got my existing stash taken away from me in the dream.

      But who know, maybe the dream was trying to tell me to fret less about new stuff I can't really afford now and instead focus on what I actually do have? That I should focus on stash busting and perhaps also destashing, using what I have in one way or another.


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