Monday, 28 October 2013

Rostan died (and a storm is coming)

What a crappy autumn it's turning out to be. Amidst trying to accept what's happened with dad and planning for the funeral, one of our cats died this night. Rostan was old and not in the best of health, but it's still very sad. It all took a turn for the worst pretty fast, she was fine just the other day, so at least she didn't have to suffer too much I hope.

Rostan just came to us one day and refused to really let us go after that. She haven't been with us since she was born like the rest of our cats and she's probably had more than our home to go to as she was gone for long periods before returning again, especially during the summers, but of cause we still feel sad about what happened. When she first got here we figured she was more old than young so to speak and we never knew if she was planning on staying or how long she had left, not knowing what her life and health had been before finding us. You can read her story here.

And as for the big storm, we just got upgraded from a class 2 warning to a class 3, the highest one there is, but since we've known about the impending storm since yesterday we've taken precautions and we are doing our best to keep the cats in. Unfortunately, Figge ran out so we just hope he returns before  the storm hits us. They say it'll hit Halland the hardest so with a bit of luck we won't get the worst part of it. My main worry, apart from the big trees that stand pretty close to the house, is the safety of the cats and we really, really don't want them to be outdoors today even if they get frustrated by being locked in. They might find a hole in the ground or a barn to hide in, but I know from experience how worrying it is to know one or more of your cats are out there in a storm, not knowing if they're safe or not and not knowing if they've been trapped by something. Just wish it was possible to tell the cats that there's a really bad storm coming so they would understand why we keep them indoors against their will and so they would want it themselves...

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