Monday, 31 March 2014

First butterfly and a frowning Jinja

I haven't blogged much lately. Especially not the last weeks even though I've had tonnes of spring pics to post if I wanted. As I've been working today, there won't be a long post this day either, but I just wanted to say I'm still here, I'm dying to post flower photos as we've had some lovely spring days in Skåne this last weekend and one flower after the other is popping up. Even the wood anemones, I noticed today. And the other day, saturday to be precise, I spotted the first butterfly of the year. It refused to sit still so this was the best pic I got.

Bumble bees and butterflies (saw more yesterday so it wasn't just that one). And birds, of cause. While the flora is the first sign of spring, it's the fauna that really makes you believe it'll be summer this year too.

It is Meowy Monday after all, even if it's been long since I remembered that, so why not throw in a cat pic?

Jinja has a tendency to forget to put the tongue back in if she's distracted by something while licking herself. In this case a sound. And it makes for fun little photos. Unusually it was she that wanted to be my photo assistant while I was getting photos of the yellow star-of-bethlehem (vårlök) in the lawn. She was in the best of moods due to the sudden warm weather. In fact, all the cats suddenly went from semi-hibernating indoors most of the day to sun-bathing outdoors as long as the sun was up.


  1. It is wonderful to have a garden when there are spring flowers all over and the trees start blossoming. Living in a condo now we love to visit parks and the marina close to our place. jinja looks so funny with her rosy little tongue hanging out. Milka

    1. Gardens and other green areas are pretty much the place to be when the seasons change, especially when spring comes and then early summer. The cherry trees and apple trees, bird cherry (hägg) etc and then one after another it's lilacs and elder and horse chestnut... I love parks etc where they have pink cherry blossom as we don't have any in the garden. It's just so adorable and the amount of flowers on just one tree makes it look absolutely amazing. All fruit trees look amazing, really, when they're all covered in white or pink blossoms.

  2. I enjoy your flora photos in this and the above posts, despite the rain (which we're having in abundance as well... good for the earth, a bit soggy for the fauna. I once had a cat who forgot to put her tongue back in her mouth when distracted... Fun to see that again!

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to put some more pics up -- of both cats and spring flowers. Kitties are so fun to watch and they all have their own little things that makes you smile, like Jinja's tounge. :-)


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