Saturday, 22 March 2014

We're All Ears march challenge

So... when I saw the pic Erin chose as the inspiration for this month's challenge, I felt like joining in even though I rarely make earrings. Very rarely. The deadline was yesterday and I had nothing to show. Why? "Det bidde en tummetott", as we say here (at least if you remember the old classics). Of grand ideas came a meager result. I wasn't happy with my embroidery designs, that's way. First time trying to make embroidered earrings and all and I'm simply more used to adapting stitches and motifs to bracelets, not tiny earrings.

But I didn't really give up. No, instead I decided to let the ideas mature a bit and instead make just a fun little design. Or "design", it's more of just putting a piece of tape on an earring. As you can see below.

But let me explain some more. That's a piece of printed textile tape that I pierced with a headpin on the middle and then folded together. After that it was just a matter of creating a wrapped loop and slide it onto the clip-on earrings. Unfortunately, I only had bright silver plated and gold plated ones and this earring dangle is crying out for something a tad more antiqued (tricky to oxidize plate).

Those rectangular tape pieces reminds me of the "wind catchers" on a fūrin. Guess they'll blow in the find just like them too considering how light they are.

As for making the loop you have two options: either make a small loop big enough to fit the ring, but not slide over the balled ends, or make a slightly larger loop that slides over the ball ends so you can make the earrings interchangeable. Personally I prefer the latter, though you have to be aware that it's easier to loose either the dangle or the ring when they aren't permanently attached to each other. (This is what happened with these earrings yesterday...)

That's the back of the earrings in case you wondered why I needed four photos of a simple pair of earrings.

So to conclude, not the earrings I wanted to show you today/yesterday, but still a fun little experiment I'm not too embarrassed to show people.

To see everybody else's challenge entries, please visit the Earrings Everyday reveal post!


  1. Love that you're thinking outside the box, so to speak…and sharing your explorations with textiles in jewelry. These are very sweet and I love those clip on ear wires!


  2. I really like your end result. A great interpretation! The clip on ear wire are new to me.Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. I love them! I would never had known they were tape. I also love those clip on earrings...thanks so much for the information on how to work with the loops.

  4. I like these very much. The colors, use of fabric and playfulness are a perfect interpretation of the painting.

  5. I think your experiment went really well - love them xx

  6. I love the textile tape you used so creatively. Nice job.

  7. I love your simple but pretty design. I couldn't guess you used tape. A practical choice of materials for this kind of ear wires. Milka

  8. Love them.. great use of tape for earrings :)

  9. Glad you didn't give up. These are very clever. The floral motif and colors work perfectly!

  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, everyone! Despite good intentions, I've been bad at checking out what everyone else did for the challenge, but I'll try to make time for it. Hopefully before this month's challenge is up... ;-D


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