Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The last light of the year, and a wish for the year to come

I haven't blogged much this year, but of cause I have to return with the traditional new year's eve post. I'll be the sixth year now that I do this photo post, the posts from the previous years can be found here.

Unfortunately, unlike during the first years of this tradition, the weather hasn't been on our side. We got frost on boxing day and then some light snow after that, but then it started thawing again and today it's just been grey, wet and foggy. Hopefully the pics won't be too dark and dull. Was aiming for for the serene and melancholic, though you might have to be a fellow november child to really enjoy these silent, fog veiled winter landscapes. (Even I prefer the fog and rain to end with november, though, so the winter months can be white. Frost white or snow white, either is fine, it just has to be white. You need something that lights up the short, dark days.)

One a positive note, though, the warm winter means you can get som fairytale/troll forest pics even after autumn. And it makes those pretty little snowberries more visible.

Last year, I ended the new year's post with a long wish, coloured by what happened in my life. Though aiming for a positive wish, in a way the darkness in the heart that wished it shone through. It reflected perhaps more the lack of direction in my life and the negativity in my mind than anything else. It was a wish for others in my situation and not perhaps for everyone. This year, I'll just cut out the most positive bit for you, in a slightly new version:
So my new year's wish for you is thus: May 2015 be a year filled with dreams that come true, happiness, adventures, courage and many new opportunities. May you wander along your path in life, your north star to follow, be it one you're already on or a new one that is just found. May you create and thrive and grow. 

Happy New Year!


  1. Beautiful! Happy New Year! Milka

  2. Your photos are amazing. I thrive from the warmth and light the sun gives us, but have a lot of darkness in my soul, so all these dark trees with their delicate branches all veiled up in the fog, kind of gives me hope. These are the kind of pics I take, and feel satisfied with.
    Stockholm with suburbs got a white Christmas after all, the ice on the lake is set, but today brought warmer winds and the snow cover on my greenhouse melted away. I would like a little more snow, and degrees below Zero, so that'll stay nice and white for a bit.

    Personally, my year 2014 was a lousy year, so all I want for myself is that a few things finally go my way. I have decided to listen more to how I feel in the moment, and I will continue trying to say "no" to things that drain my energy. Otherwise I will recite a line of my favorite Christmas song "Little drummer boy" - ...Peace on Earth....

  3. It is so beautiful & dreamy where you live! Thank you for sharing!

  4. It is so beautiful & dreamy where you live! Thank you for sharing!


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