Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bead giveaways

Feel like I haven't written about any giveaways in a long time (unless you count my post about photographing my own giveaway beads). But here's two new ones who probably will appeal to you who like artisan lampwork beads.

Andrew Thornton
is giving away a little lot of beads and a custom resin bezel from SueBeads. To participate you have to say which of Sue's beads (on her website) that's your favourite. Winner is picked from among the comments on this Monday so you better hurry up if you want a chance to win these lovely beads!

Second giveaway tip is one I found via Malin de Koning: an interesting givaway concept from Maria Grimes, who will make the winner a set of lampwork beads inspired by one single word given to her from the winner. What word would you choose if you won? And how do you think those beads would turn out.

Winners for both giveaways will be picked on Monday 30th August (i.e. in two days) so don't forget to visit the blogs soon for your chance to win.

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