Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My poor dragon!

I decided to change the pic that goes with my Blogger profile today. Eventhough it means my sweet little blue dragon will no longer accompany any comments I make on other Blogspot blogs or show up in the FriendsConnect grids. Or anywhere else you might see Blogge profile photos. Not sure which of the pics I'll keep as my profile pic, but I thought my dragon deserved this post. He's been with me for several years by now. First as a forum avatar and then as my Blogger profile.

Blue isn't my colour (though I think black and blue is a cool colour combo). The reason I began using this pic was probably the work I put in to it. No, I didn't draw it. It's actually an engraved shots glass to begin with. I saw a photo of it at an auction site and stole the pic, saving it on my computer knowing I couldn't afford those pretty glasses. Then I began manipulating the pic quite a lot to get to this stage (you really can't see it's a photo of a glass, can you?). If you know why I'm so fond of Photoshop Elements, this is one of the reasons. A lot of work, but I was very pleased with the result.

What am I using instead? If you don't want to check out my Blogger profile you can see the new "avatar" below. It's a manipulated version of a photo I'll show you some day soon. Hrmp, the "paper grain effect" was probably a bad call... The pic probably says more about my jewellery styles than the dragon, though. Regardsless of the bad choice of effect filter.

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