Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Oh darn...

Beading on a budget has its drawbacks (as I think most beaders will agree). I many times get ideas that are too expensive to realise. Often while working on something else, which means that I not only get distracted but that I just have to try my new idea. But most of the time I don't have the right supplies at home -- it's always like that, isn't it? -- and then there are those times when I also realise that I can't really order the stuff I need either. That's rather frustrating...

What's even more frustrating is when it happens during a period of creative baisse. When I feel unproductive it's not the greatest feeling in the world to know that I could be doing something if I just had the right stuff. Of cause I know that this is the case with most things in life: we can't always have or afford to buy the things we want. And sometimes that can turn out to be a good thing as it forces us to think outside the box and to come up with alternative ways -- which in the end can lead to a result that's even better than the initial idea. I do try to find other ways many times and it does work out well, but when you're in that state of flow and just felt you've come up with the greatest idea ever (or something more humble) it still feels frustrating. You keep thinking "if only I had those things..."

The last time it happened was during one of my attempts to finish my barn swallow necklace (as pictured above). Got an idea -- just to realise I'd have to adquire a gazillion leaf charms and just as many headpins and bead caps. (Ok, a little less than a gazillion, I like the simple style.) And even then I wouldn't be sure it'd work out well. So it'd be a gamble to buy the supplies, if I had the cash. And as I don't sell my jewellery I'd never recoup the cost either. Jewellery making and beading are expensive hobbies sometimes.

(OK, I hear some of you say "you should start selling your jewellery, then you'd be able to afford more of the supplies you need/want!" Well... I know you're right. It's just... You know...)

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