Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Amethyst flower

I haven't felt very creative lately, but at time I have gotten things doneanyway. This is a charm that I finished last night for a charity project. It can be difficult to gauge the scale on a photo like this so I should begin by saying I've used 10 mm daggers for this one.

I've wanted to make a flower "drop" (as the opposite of a flat, "front-facing" flower) from daggers for some time now and when I got out my pretty bead caps I found that they would probably work well together with the daggers, holding the petals together.

I had to manipulate the bead cap several times in order to get the perfect shape for the daggers. I also added a square bicone bead in the centre as it felt too empty at first. I choose the bicone as the square shape would go well with the four petals. Normally, I prefer making five-petal flowers, but in this case I had to comply with the shape of the bead cap.

The trickest part of this simple design was to shape the bead cap so that it would keep the daggers in the right position and finding an alternative to a stamen for the centre. I was lucky to have just the right materials for this at home -- if I hadn't had that, I probably wouldv'e given up on the whole idea instead of ordering supplies for it.

I do hope someone likes this charm as it's intended to be part of a raffle. I'll probably make more of these as I kind of miss it a bit already...


  1. Wow, this is incredible, fantastic work.

  2. Thank you!

    I've actually spent today taking and editing photos for a tutorial on how to make these charms. Will be posted on both this and my Swedish blog next week. ;)

  3. Truly unique- I'm impressed.
    I'm starting my blog soon - just got to get going...

  4. Thank you! And good luck with your blog -- it's a lot of fun both writing and working on the designs for them!


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