Sunday, 3 October 2010

Bead blog recap week 39

This week I remembered -- it's time for a recap of this weeks posts at Manekis Pärlblogg. Everything from ball chain inspiration to pyrography.

Epoxy coated paper
Coat paper in epoxy and use as pendants and charms without having to mount it in a bezel or frame.

Pyrography on wood and leather

Pyrography is a simple way to decorate wood, tagua, leather, bone, horn, paper and other flammable but non-melting materials using hot metal. Be aware: scorching leather (and horn) stinks...

Vintaj October challenge
The current challenge theme at the Vintaj blog is Maple Glow.

Ideas for using ball chains
Ball chains don't have links like most other chains (sans rhinstone chains), which means you can't finish them and link them as you would with the other jewellery chains. Here you learn different ways to finish the chain ends as well as ideas for jewellery project.

Broken china jewellery
How to make jewellery and cabs from broken (or undamaged) china/porcelain. Includes links to instructions for how to grind down sharp edges and drill holes in the pieces.

Recycled glass domes
American Eco Green Crafts make glass domes/cabochons from recycled glass. The larger 30 mm clear domes are perfect for "bubble charms" or soldered pendants.

Bead caps as beads
Some bead caps can be paired together, facing each other, making pretty beads. Just string them on you stringing material or first solder the two pieces together.

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