Sunday, 10 October 2010

A sunny October morning

This weekend has been really sunny and as I managed to get som sleep instead of being woken up by a hungry no longer limping cat before sunrise, the crisp autumn morning inspired me to take my camera and go out for a short walk around the garden. The views above and below are from the window outside my bed room and it was looking at that view that I decided I had to take some pics.

That's one of the neighbour's heifers. (That's a cow that hasn't had any calves yet, for those of you unfamiliar with bovines.)

So far I've shown the hazy, dewy morning, but it was also a morning filled with autumn colours as you can see below. I don't have much to say about these pics so I'll just let them speak for themselves. Don't forget to click the photos for larger pictures.

We have a rather wild garden and sometimes you can just see some of the beauty through branches and twigs. Like with the changing leaves below. Some of them reminds me of tiffany windows, with dark branches instead of lead/pewter lines.

And now for the last photos...

Not one of my photos of the leaves in this pic turned out decent. And I so wanted a good pic of them as they remind me of soo cho jade. I'm pretty fond of that stone as the colours remind me of apples and autumn leaves like these.

I didn't really get any good photos of Mimi (Mimsan) either. She surprised me when I was photographing the leaves above and was in a really playful mood. So I've got a handful of pics where she is nothing but a blur, chasing a stick is was holding in an attempt to make her look towards me and the camera.

Figgi (Figaro)was also outdoors. Not playing, but basking in the sun.

And this last photo is just of our road. It was recently broadened and given a new layer of asphalt so now it's smoother than ever. Last time the road was totally repaired like this was when I was a kid. Perhaps six years old. So it's not something that happens everyday.

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