Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bead blog recap weeks 48-49

Next week is the last week I'll be blogging on Manekis Pärlblogg for this year. I'm in need of a vacation from the computer and feel I must focus more energy on my creativity and my own jewellery making. Of cause Christmas time also means I have many other things as well to do, which keeps me from taking the time my blogging needs. But, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Right now, we'll focus on the last two weeks of blog posts instead. From blog feedback and new bead communities to miniature perfume bottles and games.

A round tuit
Telling the (short) story of the fabled round tuit and link to a free pattern so you can make your own.

Terra -- a new custom coating on Swarovski

E. H. Ashley has presented a lovely, new custom coating for their Swarovski crystals. An earthy finish with brown and pumpkin tones and hints of light peach and copper.

Edible cookie necklaces
Via The Beading Gem's Journal, I found this colourful and fun recipe for "cookie beads" that you can string for a bigger version of the classic candy necklaces.

Feedback wanted

I'm looking for feedback on my blog. Something you dislike? Something you like? Something you miss? Leave a comment -- with name of anonymously -- or send an e-mail.

Handcrafted Jewelry Studio interactive e-mag

Interweave is lauching an interactive e-version of their special publication Handcrafted Jewelry. The e-mag is called Handcrafted Jewelry Studio and features videos etc as well as more traditional text and pictures.

Bead Maven spring challenge
The Bead Mavens have presented their latest challenge: Vernal Visions. Read more about it on their website and blog.

What's a UFO -- and what to do with them?

UFO stands for UnFinished Objects, something that's common among beaders. Discusses how you can work through your pile of UFOs and a few suggestions for how to avoid being overwhelmed by them.

Virtual jigsaw puzzles for beaders
My bead-themed virtual jigsaw puzzles on the JigZone website. Same as I've already shown on this blog.

Art Bead Scene December challenge
This month, ABS is not only letting you be inspired by two different works of art (with fairy motifs), participants can also take part in a blog tour at the end of the month if they blog about their enty (or entries: you may enter twice this time).

Bead storage
A discussion about things to think about when you're about to buy or in other ways aquire a storage solution for your supplies. Tips, examples and links to others who's talked about the same problem.

Alkemi winter beading contest

Alchemy is the theme for the latest contest presented by Swedish beadshop Smyckestillbehö Key word is contrasts. This time there are two categories to enter in: general or seed beads.

Beadz II online game

Free online games are addictive. This one is about popping beads on strings -- and the beads really do look like pretty, shiny pearls. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to bead or combine colours?

New bead community welcomes beta testers
Nätverket Inspira is a new community for beaders and jewellery makers. Right now it is only a beta version, which is being tested by volonteer members. You can also become one.

Miniature perfume bottles
Beads can be use for many things. Some dollhouse and miniature makers use them to make the prettiest little perfume bottles. I'm thinking of making some for a charm bracelet. How would you use them?

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