Thursday, 9 December 2010

Flower charms with stamen

A simple way to make flowers with stamen is to take some ball-end headpins, make loops on them and attach to an eyepin before putting the flower on it. Well, here I wanted to use my thin copper headpins and instead of using the more common method I just outlined, I pushed three pins through the hole of the bead, distorting them a bit so the flower wouldn't slide all the way down to the ball ends. Then I finished it off by making a messy wrapped loop using all three wire ends.

I think this is a very simple technique, though it can be a bit messy wrapping three wires instead of just one. Sometimes I make a wrapped loop with all three wires, other times I just loop one of them and wrap the rest around the first wrap. As the wire is relatively thin, I worry that just one wire is too fragile.

The colour of the two flowers at the top is tanzanite celsian while the last charm (it's two photos of one charm) is tropical topaz, a blend of brown and olivine green. I'm especially fond of the latter, eventhough the colours are something you'd probably see in leaves rather than flowers.

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