Sunday, 5 December 2010

November snow

It began snowing again last night and it's pretty much been snowing all day now (can't really see anymore as it's dark outside as I write this). So what better day to show snow pics?

They say this winter will be as long and cold as the last one. And this year it began early with snow already in November. The first snow I've already shown, but since then it's gotten much colder (down to -10, which is unusually cold for November in Skåne) and the snow that's fallen haven't thawed away the nex day like it did that time.

I took these photos in the beginning of the week. Monday to be precise. It was a sunny but windy day (hence the sun: the wind swept the clouds away). One of those days when the roads are ploughed in vain as the winds coat the asphalt in snow as soon as the snow plough has passed by. I guess I enjoy photographing this drifting snow as it can look spectacular as a frozen moment, but can be horrid to walk or drive in.

First just a photo that shows how much snow we have: it's hard to really capture the snow depth on camera. Even when photographing a huge snowdrift, it can look tiny crammed into a two-dimensional little photo.

We've got a word for this type of weather phenomena: snörök. It doesn't seem to have an equivalent in English. The online translator suggested "gusting snow weather conditions".

Because we live close to the coast and it's mostly relatively open farmland around here, this "gusting snow" can be a big problem. I also causes the snow to be very unevenly distributed with bare patches next to snowdrifts that'll reach you to the waist. I also causes lovely patterns on the snow and sometimes spectacular drifts.

These snowclad juniper bushes are a good example: on one side the snow wasn't more than a few centimetres deep, on the other side I stepped in snow up to my knee. Photographing the landscape with stubble fields barely snow covered.

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