Sunday, 22 May 2011

All work, no play...

It's almost summer and I keep seeing all the usually signs like birdcherry and lilac blooms, fields yellow with dandelions, butterflies. All the things I enjoy to capture on camera. And to some extent I have done that, but another sure sign of summer approaching is the potatoe harvest and this last week I've been exhausted. Not least this Friday as we not only worked a long day, but also had to work with a new system with a different type of crates that had to be lined with paper. Well, I won't bore you with the details but it was several new things we had to learn -- and learn fast as we had to keep the speed up and work on a moving vehicle. Also, I'm a night owl so it takes days for me to adjust to getting up between 5:45 and 6:15 in the mornings when I usually get to bed around 1 or 2 AM...

Anyway, I want to post more things on the blog and bead more. And have time to learn some new techniques from the books I got last week. But I'm too tired or too busy doing other things. So while I want to post more pretty flower photos it'll have to wait. I'm focusing on a small project that I must finish today or tomorrow, though, so there will be jewellery pics soon. Other than that I hope for a less stressful week ahead as I'm getting more used to early mornings and the workload.

On Friday my sis and I went don't to the beach on one of the breaks we had (you can do that when working by the sea). Lovely day, but most people were still at work and the water was somewhat cold so we were more or less alone on the pier. It was a marvelous view with the light blue sea blending with the sky so that the Kullen peninsula in front of us seemed to float in some ethereal blue mist. The sea was still and the water clean, ranging from a slight green tint over tan sand to that harmonious blue. It was just so serene and purely amazing. And I forgot to bring the camera! Isn't that typical? Gah!

It does, however, mean I'll try to remember the camera another day and therefore I wanted to ask if anyone is interested in me taking some pics of the harvest. Like of the machine we're working one, what the fields look like now compared to what I showed in these pics etc. Let me know and one day when the weather is good and the day not too stressful, I'll dedicate the lunch break to show you a bit more of our workplace and how modern potato harvest works.


  1. Yes, definately, I have never seen a potato harvest in action...hands up for me.

  2. Well, can't disappoint you then, can I? I'll see if I get the time -- and good weather -- to take some pics someday soon. This weeks it's simply been too rainy to even think about it. Too bad I missed taking the camera with me while the bird cherry was still blooming. It looks so pretty with all the white flowers.

    A few days ago it was a windy day with occasional heavy rain showers. We were on the machine working during one of them -- which passed fast -- and when it ended, the sun shone and there was the most amazing rainbow I've seen for ages, seeing how we had nothing obscuring the horizon. My sis and I both groaned loadly "oh damn, I don't have the camera with me!". (Though, even if we had had them, we wouldn't be able to take any pics while working anyway.)So lessoned learned -- hopefully -- always carry the camera with you!


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