Sunday, 8 May 2011

The bouclé chain necklace

I made this necklace for the Vintaj monthly challenge, but never submitted it as I didn't think it was good enough. The focal is a boro glass cab that I set in a "Whimsical Spray" Fastenable riveted to a brass blank. The cab is a little bit too fat for the setting in my eyes, but it's not too big to be securely fastened. I just wanted the prongs to show a little more.

Anyway, the part I was pleased with was the chain. I've woven space-dyed rayon bouclé twice through a ladder chain (also by Vintaj). A very simple technique, but I really like the result. Especially when being careful to let the yarn/floss "wind" between the links when you weave the second layer. The result remind me of braided cords (e.g. a simple kumihimo braid) and if you don't overdo the weaving, the chain will still be subtle and flexible. I think the wavy texture of the yarn works especially well here.

The variegated thread makes the weaving more visible and also pick up several of the colours in the cab. So far so good. Only thing I worry about is that rayon is notoriously frail compared to many other fibres and bouclé is a very loose type of yarn, meaning there's both an issue of snagging and of abrasion when weaving, but also when using the finished piece. I do hope the yarn is heavy enough to stand up to some wear and tear because I like this chain.


  1. Hi, this necklace looks really interesting. I especially like how the space-dyed yarn changes colors and makes the chain more alive. I'm not so much into mixed media in jewelry, but I too like incorporate some ribbon and yarn from time to time. BTW, is it the cab featured in the Autum leaves post with hessonite garnet chips? Beautiful cab with lots of Autumn feeling to it and the yarn is a perfect match.Do you know who made the cab?

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with those boro cabs. Got them ages ago from here:

      It's not the same cab. Similar and by the same glass artist, but not the same. The other cab is flat, slightly larger and has more of an amber hue. I actually got three cabs so there's a green one too that I haven't shown on the blog. Yet.


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