Monday, 30 May 2011

A use for my lentil flowers?

It was during my photo session yesterday, taking pics of my Artisan clay necklaces shown here, that I glanced over to see my lentil and dagger flowers on the bead table. "I wonder...", my thoughts went. Could I use the flowers as embellishments on pendants? Like the ones in front of me. Have to try it out.

So what do you think? Try not to focus on the necklace chain, loose threads or the colours as it's just a matter of taking what I had right there and then. Maybe I now have an idea for my flowers other than just making rings or tiny brooches/pins (or stitching them to a garment of some kind)? I know it's not an original idea -- that's not what I'm looking to hear, but I hope it might be a nice idea, worth pursuing.

The green flower is a bit big for this particular pendant. The dagger versions -- using 8 or 11 mm small daggers -- look more proportionate: a focal point without overwhelming the pendant. Unfortunately, I can't show how it'd look with 8 mm daggers as I still can't find my apricot and bronze flower. I do hope it's not in the trash after all...

Don't ask me how I'm going to attach the flower. Haven't figured out any details yet. After all, I must find some new pendants as this one is already being used in a finished necklace. I have a lot of beads, but not many pendants so I'll have to see if there are any in my stash that would look nice with a flower perched on them. Ideally the pendant should be somewhat neutral in order not to compete with the flower as the focal point, but still decorative enough to enhance the flower.


  1. I think you hit upon a fabulous idea! They really look lovely together. Probably just a jump ring, or even a ring of 11's to attach it. Great thinking!

  2. I think they are great alone or as an embellishment like this. I am also eyeing that cute 'leafy like wire behind the flower which looks pretty cool, too!

  3. I'm glad to hear you like the idea. I think I have a pendant that might be worth trying out, but of cause the colours would make my (still) missing bronze flower a perfect match. I must get more lentil beads so I can make more...

  4. Perfect match! Mea


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