Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bead blog recap weeks 37-38

Here is as usual my bi-weekly update on what I've been writing on over at Manekis Pärlblogg. From embroidery floss-and-chain bracelets, handspun beaded yarn and acorn jewellery to a caliper tutorial and QR code inspiration.

Bead embellished macramé bracelet
Peetje has a fab free project on her blog. Make a leather cord bracelet and stitch seed beads and crystals on it.

Sari ribbon/sari silk
Ribbons made from sari waste materials are popular right now.

Jewellery with embroidery floss and chain
A collection of projects mixing jewellery chain and embroidery threads.

Dates for the next Bead Soup Blog Party
Dates are set for the next BSBP. Note that there's limited space this year, but the participants will be drawn by lottery so registrering early or late, you have the same chance.

Make lampwork headpin
Handmade lampwork headpins are fun. Here's how you create your own -- plus a few tips for those of us that don't work with hot glass.

Other craft tips and jewellery inspiration
The bead blog is just for bead and jewellery related tips and projects, but I do collect other ideas over at Pinterest. There you'll also find jewellery inspiration and jewellery display and packaging ideas.

Mini terrarium necklaces
Beginning a couple of years back you could see many jewellery makers creating pendants using living plants, not least moss. Here's how you do it.

Dyed Fireline
Did you know there's a US bead shop offering Fireline dyed in many different shades?

How to use the vernier scale on your caliper
Most people can read the millimetre scale on the calipers, but not every one is aware of how to use the vernier scale to measure with even bigger accuracy.

Acorns for autumn jewellery
Make acorn charms and pendants using bead caps and beads -- or real acorn caps. Includes felted acorns and more.

Spin beaded yarn
How to hand-spin your own beaded yarn. Includes several different methods.

Create with QR codes
The graphic QR codes have been inspirational for many crafters.

Mismatched earrings
Tips and ideas for making asymmetrical mismatched earrings.

Blooming reflective brooches
These flowers are alternatives to boring reflective badges.

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