Thursday, 29 September 2011

The lilac bracelet

I'm blogging a lot this week (blogging and hopping has pretty much been the theme of the week so far). This is a bracelet I came to think of when I saw someone had linked to my mini tut on Pinterest. Don't think I've shown it before. So I just wanted to write a little about it as it was one of those designs where I just went with a whim.

This is one of those "what if...?" designs. It's based on the basic "berries and vines" design, which I've done a few variations of before (it's in the link). For this variation I wondered what would happen if I added not one picot per section, as in my orange bracelet, but one picot on each and every seed bead. A bit fiddly to get some of the beads to fit, but this is how it eventually turned out.

A close-up:

I was keeping my fingers crossed that the bracelet would be just the right length so I could finish with a pink bead, not breaking up the pattern. And it was. The clasp is a simple bead-and-loop clasp, making it blend in with the rest of the bracelet.

It got its name from the fact that the lavender seed beads remind me of lilac blossom somehow. The colours where really a case of using what I had at hand. While I like a muted palette and romantic colours, I don't think I would've worked with this palette in this way otherwise.

It's a pretty chunky and heavy bracelet, but I think it's ok. Could probably develop the design idea more, but for a first test of my idea, I'm pleased with it.


  1. This bracelet is just stunning!! I love it, and the detail is wonderful. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, sure appreciate it. Take care, Riki

  2. This has a lush, decadent feel. Great job with a "what if..."!!!!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad to hear someone else like it too.

  4. This is a gorgeous bracelet, you do wonderful work. Thanks so coming by my blog and I hope you are in the next BSBP too!

  5. I love the "what if" moments. They usually lead to wonderful things, The bracelet is beautiful!

  6. This bracelet is so romantic and elegant. I love the muted colour combination and the simple design. The clousure makes it perfect. It's perfect with blue jeans and also for a dressed-up occasion.


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