Sunday, 4 September 2011

Summer in September

 Earlier this week I said it was definitely autumn now, but I spoke to soon it seems because while it was 15 degrees (Celsius), chilly and rainy, then, today it's been nothing but sun and temperatures around 25 degrees. So warm that it felt nice and warm eventhough it's been very windy.

And while I did see one white butterfly the day after I declared it autumn, the sun today brought out a few more that were still alive. And there's still some summer flowers in full bloom. Ok, flowers like the Himalayan Balsam/Policeman's helmet, which you can see above, normally bloom in september so it's late summer flowers that have either a long or a late flowering season. So perhaps it's not autumn just yet -- I got another summer day just like I wanted -- but it most likely is one of the very last days of summer today.

I'm not complaining, though. I like autumn. But I can't deny it was a pleasant surprise, waking up to a "bonus" summer day. What a lovely way to end a week.

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