Monday, 8 October 2012

Meowy Monday -- cat photo of the week

This is Rostan. Or at least that's what we call her. I probably don't mention her very often. There's two reasons for that: 1) she's often gone for long periods, especially during the warmer half of the year and 2) she isn't ours. Not really. But she seems to have adopted us -- and probably at least one other family as she's gone for such long periods at a time.

She just turned up one day. A stray, perhaps from the nearby farm that closed down. The farmer there had feral barn cats. But we later found out he had them shot when leaving the farm so they wouldn't starve to death (or be in the way of the new owner). So we really have no idea who she is or where she came from. But she seems to like it here. Even if she's independent and leave us without as much as a goodbye meow every now and then, she always comes back. To the food and the warm bed. And to us, I hope.

We call her Rostan because of her colour: rost is Swedish for rust.

The textures were really just added to the two first photo because the window behind her was so dirty, I had to try and hide it. You can see some of the dirt in the above, unaltered photo. Had to add at least one pic no messed up in any photo editing software.


  1. Perfect pics of Rostan.She doesn't tell, and there is nothing to unravel the mystery of her secret lives in these pics. Where is she? Could be anywhere. She is surrounded by an aura of coolness and mystery. Such a pretty kitty, it would be interesting, but not fair, to put a video recorder on her. With really long battery life.

    1. Thanks! I think I saw that on Must Love Cats once, a researcher in England put a recorder on a cat who liked to be away a lot. That meant he could not only track her, but also see just how tough she was (like our girls, she beat up a tomcat) and what she liked doing. Don't think Rostan would like that idea though. She doesn't really like me that much as it is. *lol* (<-- I haven't been mean to her, but she's more sensitive than the rest when I get angry when they misbehave, e.g. using my bed as a litter box.)


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