Saturday, 20 November 2010

White November, golden November

Yesterday it snowed almost all day and all night so right now it looks like this outdoors. It is still not subzero temperatures so it's very damp and during the day, most of the snow turned into slurry. But after sunset, the snow got a little colder and I had the first snowball fight this year. Well, fight is not a very accurate word: it was me throwing snowballs at the cats. Not as mean as it sounds -- I just throw the balls in their general direction and they try to catch and chase them. Anyway, this was our youngster Knatti's -- pictured below (best pic I've got of him...) -- first real snow sighting so he was very curious.

But the snowfall also reminded me of some pics I said I'd post. Pics I took on the last day of October and first day of November. Pics that are very different from the one above. Taken when it was still mid-autumn and the leaves where changing.

Yellow is not a colour I use very often in my beadwork, at least not as the main colour. But it can be very pretty and there are so many different types of yellow: the bright warm yellow that is the sun, the fresh yellow that is a sour lemon etc. I like the autumn yellows, the silken or velvet soft yellows you see in the changing leaves. It's gentle and restful for the eye. Very different from the strong, bright yellow tones you see during summer.

Below you'll find some of the photos I took of all the yellow leaves in the garden at the end of October/beginning of November. In some places blended with more orange and red tones, in other places mixed with still green leaves (the bamboo is an evergreen).

So many lovely, soft shades of yellow -- I really ought to make something in yellow one of these days. And I truely mean something where yellow makes up the majority of the palette, not just acts like an accent as it usually ends up.

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