Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dragon and the snowdrops

This is my sweet little green dragon. I took the photo February 28, 2009. Last Sunday, the 28, it looked more like this is our garden. I just can't wait for the spring flowers now!

By the way, the dragon is mine, but not made by me. I got him in an international swap/gift exchange some years ago when I was active at the big B&B/BeadStyle/Art Jewelry forum (before they split into separate forums). I'm so embarressed to say this, but I don't remember who sent him... I've lost the package with her name! The only thing I do remember is that the person sending it was American. If you, reading this, are the one who sent a beaded dragon to a Swedish beader named Kristina or know who might have been my "secret santa", please write me a note because I really would like to know.

(And if you want to make a dragon of your own, here's the instructions -- or read my link tips here.)

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