Saturday, 20 March 2010

Vernal equinox

Today's the vernal equinox (vårdagjämningen) and would you believe the snow seemed to get the hint. Yesterday it really began to thaw away, but due to the fog it still came as a surprise today when I saw how much of the snow is gone. We now can see our lawn. It felt like such a sudden change. And with so much snow gone, the flowers began to blossom. We've got winter aconites and snowdrops. The crocus is beginning to bud and I can see the daffodils beginning to sprout through the grass.

It's very moist though: rain in the air and deep puddles on the ground. Many farmers fear the crops will drown. And it's too wet in the fields for the machines, meaning potato planting is still far away (which means it will be a long time before I get any incomes this year = no beads). And it's not a warm spring yet: in places, the snow is still a couple of decimetres deep. But now it's beginning to thaw rapidly.

And time for an inspection of the greenhouse. The snow has done some damage this year: look at all that glass... But to be fair, much of it actually came down already during the autumn storms. And the cats are probably responsible for some of the damage.

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