Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Ninjis in the snow

So far I haven't shown many pics of our cats, my precious ones. But here is one of our little Ninjis. No, Ninji is not a common cat name in Sweden. Me and my sis have a complicated way of naming cats, relying on a spur of the moment or basing them on names or nick names from cats we've had before. Ninji got her name after sweetie Nino (a black-and-white girl with black spot under the chin), but don't ask me how Nino got her name as it was my sisters idea and the kitty got her name after I moved away from home to study at the uni.

Her brother of the same litter is called Randi (randig = striped, more common name) and her mom is Saken, a stray that found our stable comfortable. But she's so shy and afraid of human and some of it has rubbed off on Ninjis, but not Randi. Ninjis still likes to sleep in my bed, very close to me, some nights. Saken means "the thing" and it might not sound like a nice name, but it comes from us saying "vad är det för en liten sak?" ("what kind of little thing is that?") to her when we first spotted here in the stable. So we mean it in a friendly and loving way.

Because Ninji mostly intense black and the snow, of cause, is mostly shiny white the automatics in my camera found it hard to take a pic without the background turning bright white. So it's a failed photo, but a useful one if placing against a white background. Except for the part that here white neck/chest "disappear"...

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