Saturday, 25 September 2010

My poor Randi

My little sweetie Randi is in need of some attention today. This week he hurt himself, probably cut himself on a sharp metal edge or glass (we have a couple of greenhouses) and it was so bad there was nothing else to do but go to the vet. He was stitched together and got a tube in his leg to drain it. He had to spend almost a whole 24 h at the vet's as we were in Lund where dad had to go through a special exam they couldn't do at the hospitals closer to home where he has been treated during this spring and summer. Anyway, yesterday we picked him up and he's now a very sad kitty with a funnel around his head to prevent him from biting and licking the stitches and drain.

He's a very sweet and friendly cat and so far I haven't yet had any problems administering his pills or making him accept that we won't let him go outside. I will look in to other options to the funnel as I feel sorry for him for having to try and walk around and sleep with a plastic funnel around the head... When the drain is removed, I hope it'll be a little easier to let him out of the funnel without the risk of him aggravating the injury. He sleeps a lot and is a bit sad (funnel, trauma of being "abandoned", infection, drained fluid he can't lick away himself), but he has a healthy appetite, which is a good sign. And he's a bit playful both yesterday and today.

He wouldn't let me take a pic of him with the funnel on so the one above is from last autumn. Below is another one from last summer when they were born (by a feral cat that lives/lived in our stable). Don't remember if I've already shown this pic... The black and white cat is his sis, Ninja. Not named after the Japanese ninjas, but after another female cat we had, named Nino (who didn't get her name from the Spanish word for boy).


  1. I hope your little Randi feels better soon.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Randi seems to be recovering well so far, he has quite an appetite and is becoming more and more playful. He even seems to be accepting the funnel, which only goes to show what a sweet kitty he is -- I don't think any of the other cats we have would've been that calm about the situation!


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