Sunday, 20 May 2012

Just a few pics

As I mentioned in the comments for the previous blog post, potato harvest has begun and so I'm a bit busier than usual now. Didn't get around to edit any more of the cherry blossom pics. Yet. But instead I just wanted to show a few of the pics I took today. It's been a beautiful summer's day here. Temperatures over 25 degrees (with a little wind so bearable) in the afternoon and really sunny too. Luckily not that warm in the morning when we worked in the potato fields!

Because of the weather and because of all the flowers blooming now, I had to get out the camera and go for a stroll in the garden and up the hill, from which I take so many of my landscape photos.

Hope you like them.

First apple tree to bloom.

Ferns and, in the background, a cherry tree.

The horse chestnut has also begun to blossom.

...and every meadow, lawn and grass field is covered with lovely, bright dandelions!


  1. It is such a blessing to live in the countryside. Of course I know that agriculture still contains hard labour and no chance to take a day off when you'd like to. You see this wonderful landscape every day but keep your eyes open for the beauty of it.Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with us. I love those blossoming trees. When I was little I lived close to an orchard with a huge amount of apple trees. When I look at your pics I can feel the delicate scent of apple blossom. Keep enjoying the gifts of nature, enhanced by human touch.

    1. Thanks! There are downsides to living in the countryside -- especially if you like me don't have a driver's license! -- but the upsides sure make up for them all. More than make up for them!


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