Saturday, 12 May 2012

May flowers

It's May, a month when the cherry trees and tulips and annual honesty (judaspenning) begins to bloom. A good month for taking photos in other words, but, alas, first it was really windy (darn tricky to get crisp photos when the flowers bobs up and down and the branches swing from side to side) and then it got rainy. Today it's both rainy and windy.

So I only hade a few photos -- and not even those have I edited to show you on the blog. So far you'll have to make due with the cherry (I think -- many of the fruit tree flowers look so similar) flower above. It's one of the photos where the motif got all blurry due to the wind. But sometimes I save pics like that as they can be used in digital art and other kinds of digital photo editing.

Hope you all have a less rainy and windy weekend!

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