Monday, 14 May 2012

TAST week 18: Crossed buttonhole

English name: Crossed buttonhole
Swedish name: Korslagda langettstygn

Hope you aren't expecting any exciting stitches. These two last weeks I've mostly stitched as a kind of meditation. Sure, I wanted to test different variations too, but one thing I like about some stitches are how they work up so fast and almost stitch themselves. So I just let myself go with the flow. Which is nice for the embroiderer, but doesn't result in any exciting or revolutionary stitching for the onlookers.

Here, I mostly tried different sizes/shapes and positioning rows of stitches in different ways, but I did try to make double crossed buttonhole stitches -- one of those ideas I thought was my own, but then realised many had done before me -- and there's also a few tacked down stitches and a little whipping.

I only did one stitch with the Aurica yarn. I liked the effect you get when measuring the stitches so the "filled" sections of yarn creates a border and the "open" sections are left for the crosses. Was just a little too tired to measure when doing this so I gave up after messing up the subsequent stitches and had to rip them up, leaving just one stitch.

Crossed buttonhole is a very decorative but still simple stitch. If I ever need to do some blanket stitches, this will be a variation to consider for that extra touch.

What is TAST?

Take a Stitch Tuesday is a weekly embroidery challenge throughout the year by Sharon of Pin Tangle. You can read more about it here (or by clicking the TAST badge to the right).

To see what others have done in this stitch, check out the comments in this post on Pin Tangle. Be sure not to miss Sharon's lovely stitch variations in the actual post.

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