Friday, 4 May 2012

May bead soup palette

I made this palette isnpired by the special innovations recently released by Swarovski. It included a broader range of products in crystal astral pink (a finish originally released a few seasons ago) and neon pearls. I've also decided I want to play with strong, sweet and juicy colours this season. I love my earthtones, but I can love this kind of colours too.

For those of you who haven't seen it, crystal astral pink can be described as an topaz orange with metallic dark pink and purple tones and a few hints of yellow. The mandarine rose AB is a dyed/coated 2-tone bead in mandarine orange and rose over a clear bead and with an aurora borealis finish that shimmers in blue/violet and yellow. If you compare the two, crystal astral pink is by far the most colour intense bead. Mandarine rose AB is juicy and fun too, but pales next to the crystals.

I've also thought of adding a few topaz yellow beads or some purple. Avoided the later for two reasons: 1) I always use purple and 2) amongst all my purple beads I couldn't really find one that matched the purple in the crystals (or the rivoli, see below). If I find my light amethyst crystals I might try and add them. And if I had some of the new neon pink and neon orange swarovski pearls, I'd like to add them to my crystal astral pink too.

Above is a "bonus palette" using the original mix with an added topaz glacier blue rivoli. Wasn't sure about it as it looks good in some lights and not as good in others (= wasn't sure the colours would look nice together in a photo) and I only had this one rivoliso it doesn't really blend to make a mix. Therefore I made one version with it and one without it.

And, to end it: a close-up of the crystal astral pink bicones on their own.


  1. These are beautiful pairings! A chunky necklace would look fab with the "Tangerine Tango" clothes in the stores these daysl

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to do something in these colours too, not just creating a palette, but actually making something with it too. lol

  2. Awesome! How beautiful thoughts of you! I love purple too much and to see the purple among all crystal beads, I am so glad. I got many Purple Beads recently and would love to try as shown above. I am gonna bookmark your site in case need for future. Thanks much for sharing this.


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