Friday, 22 February 2013

Februari bead soup palette

The month is soon over, but it wasn't until now I could post the february palette. It was due to a couple of things, one of them being my reluctance to pour out two colours of seeds in one heap as I would have to sort them after the photo shoot...

This time I went with muted wintry colours -- a brumal palette in cold hues for everyone who likes earthtones or muted colour schemes -- and don't mind working with cold colours in the cold february weather (here it's nothing but snow and ice outside the window).

In this palette size really do matter: both frosted opal apollo gold (a Toho hybrid) and luster stone grey vary in hue depending on the size of the beads. Here, they have a darker and has an almost violet-blue tint as the beads are smaller (sizes 11/0 and 4 mm respectively), something you don't get (as much of) in the larger beads. Below you can see this as 6 mm luster stone grey fp beads are added to the blend next to the 4 mm fp in the same hue at the bottom right corner.



  1. I like this palette. The muted colours are very beautiful. I don't have any of of them, but I'll try to find at least some of them. Milka

    1. Thanks! Some might be surprised to find something that's almost blue (albeit still more grey than blue really), but I'm getting to be more and more comfortable around blue the more I work with beads and embroidery floss.

      All the apollo gold hybrids are a bit pricey, but worth it. Only downside with pricey beads is that you tend to hoard them like Gollum or keep repeating that same thing all beaders do about a certain bead: "I'm going to save it for that special project".


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