Sunday, 24 February 2013

What Noemi got

Do you remember the BSBP sneekpeak? Well, Noemi have got her soup so now I can show it to you too.

First of all there's the mandatory focal and clasp, as you can see above. The focal is a labradorite pendant and the clasp is a plated fancy toggle clasp that I though matched the style of the pendant. I felt very brace sending this as it's something I've hold onto for some years now, but in the end it might be better to give it to someone else who'll actually make something with it.

And then there's the rest of the "pick & mix" bead soup. I call it that for two reasons: 1. I picked out the soup ingredients from my stash rather than bought anything specifically for the swap, and 2. It isn't a very cohesive. It's a really random mix of beads and materials -- and I just hope Noemi finds something in there that's inspirational and fun to use. As I mentioned in the sneek peak, I was a bit worried that there wasn't enough colour, but that it might be useful too as Noemi can add other colours she likes (or likes better) to the earthtones.

To sum it up, there is -- apart from the aforementioned focal and clasp, crackled glass beads, Miyuki rococo, aquamarine chip beads, keshi pearls, moro-moro beads (scented nigerian beads made from seeds), glass pearls, ceramic rings, two large flower sequins, leather cord, tea-dyed (by me) silk cord and a piece of sea glass I picked up at the beach nearby.

Oh, and then there's a brad I just put in there. Partially because it felt more vernal than the rest of the soup, which seems to partially already long for autumn. There are many ways you can use them in jewellery -- or just use it to decorate something.

I'll show the soup from Noemi once I get it -- and get around to take a photo of it. At the moment I'm still working on my piece for Erin's Challenge of Music, which will be revealed on Friday (Don't miss it -- you'll get both eye candy and ear candy during the blog hop!), so the BSBP is on hold for a few days more while I'm focusing on that challenge first.


  1. This is a beautiful bead soup. The pendant and the clasp are so lovely. I'm thinking of fantasy or fairy tales. It'll be interesting to see what Noemi is going to create with these materials.

    1. Thanks! Just a little more than a month left before she can reveal it. I'm really curious to see what she does!


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