Friday, 8 February 2013

Let's play "Guess what's hidden under the snow"

It's been a good, snowy and sunny day today so I managed to both get more photos and, together with my sis, make a snow cat (and a glass shard lantern, which is the lazy way of making an ice/snow lantern). No pics of any sort of cats today though.  Instead I'm showing this odd thing. Can you guess what is?

How about if I give you another view of it?

Did that make it too easy? I've got a second pic of the same view if you need a few more seconds to think about it.

I'm going to assume you spotted what it is now.

Yes, it's a...

...rusty old bike.

It's been out there for ages (and just to make it clear, by "out there" I mean on the old scrap heap we have on our farm, just like all farmers used to have and where they'd just chuck old farming machines, milk cans, bricks, broken china or whatever else lost its value). Today I walked around the old hen house and found it like this. I really liked how the snow had gathered on the spokes, no in a straight line, but in waves. The snow most likely began to thraw and starting to slide of the spokes. Then it got colder and the snow stuck in "mid-slide" so to speak.


  1. I guessed it was a cat. I must admit the wavy spokes are rather interesting, too. And you mentioned the snow'd be really nice to get to see a pic of it.

    1. There'll soon be some snow cat pics. Had thought about posting it this weekend, but I was away on Saturday and didn't have time yesterday so it's become a Meowy Monday post. Which will be up this afternoon.


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