Monday, 18 February 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photo of the week

Today it's all about Julle. Again. The reason Julls tends to get caught on camera more often than some of our other cats is partially that he more than the other adults likes to tag along when me or my sis take a walk with the camera. The blurred photo above is a good example of it. My sis and I were outdoors, photographing the white trees and blue skies, when Julle suddenly appeared out of nowhere and wanted some attention. Being a cat, he never learns to stop and pose when turning towards him with a camera, but continues to run towards the camera faster than it can focus. We know they never stop, but still we keep going "look this way. No, stand still. Don't get closer. No. No, stop there. It's perfect there. Just for a sec so I can get a photo of you." And then you add up with either a photo of blurred fur running towards the camera or a close-up like this one.

But when he finally lies down, Julle is usually a very cooperative photo model.

And here he's found the old (well, old-ish at least) fence post across the road that the cats love to use as a scratch post and jump up on.

Cute, huh? But not when you consider where he is. See those tyre marks?

Yes, he's on the middle of the road and couldn't care less! Not for the first time.

(If you wonder why I took a photo instead of shooing him away or picking him up it's because A: my sis is on her way to do just that, you just can't see here in the photo, and B: it's a small and not very busy countryside road and I can hear vehicles approaching so there was no immediate danger. I was telling him a few well-worded things while taking the photos. Randa has been hit by a car -- further down the road -- and Vitis was killed in a hit-and-run so we don't take this behaviour as lightly as the pictures might suggest.)


  1. Nice cat pics, as usual. Our cat is all black. I never manage to take good pics of her. When I had a tabby, there was no problem getting good photos. I'm glad there still is snow at your place. Milka

    1. Thanks! When Isse was still alive I had the same problem: he was all black (with a small white spot on the chest) and it can be really tricky to get good photos of a cat with an all black face. Just a few white spots, like it Julle, makes a real difference.

    2. And as for the snow... well... if it was just snow then I wouldn't mind, but after that snow came several days of rain -- and after that it froze again! Half the driveway and yard has been covered with thick ice these last days. My sis had to take out a spear and hack away ice between our place and the main house (where our parents live) so we can walk without breaking any bones.


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