Saturday, 14 December 2013

A candle in the dark

Yesterday was Lucia Day. Before the gregorian calender reform that day, December 13th, actually became the date of the winter solstice because of the flaws in the old calender, something that explains the festival on the day which is a celebration of the light and a ritual to keep the dangerous darkness (filled with supernatural evils and dark magic) away.

This really is the season of light what with the outdoor christmas decorations everywhere (unless they flew away in the latest storm), advent lights on the sundays, lucia celebrations and just generally a compact darkness most of the time that make you want to light candles, lights and fires.

My sis and I love to light candles, but you can't really tell from my blog as I really don't have what it takes to get good photos in poor light (camera that can handle bad light, tripod, know-how). But yesterday I just had to take a pic of  the candle in my bedroom window. It's just a simple glass lantern from Indiska, which is also in dire need of a cleaning, but a photo of a candle against a dark background is always pretty, I think.

If I ever were to write a non-fiction book it would be about the universal ritual and love of lighting a candle.

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