Monday, 9 December 2013

Meowy Monday: Cat photos of the week

Took these photos of Julle through the window today. Wonder what he's looking at with such a focused gaze?

Well, just like Simone, the storm Sven -- among other things -- swerved our satellite dish so we've spent some days without the telly (which isn't that bad other than you're used to having it on while eating breakfast) as the we couldn't get up to the dish on the roof and turn it in the right direction again. The neighbours have offered to help, but the sons have been busy and today it seems like Göran thought we had waited long enough for some assistans so he came with the tractor (used instead of a ladder, much better to stand on that high up when using both hands for a job).

So that's what Julle was so fascinated about. He just kept sitting there, head tilted, watching Göran adjust the sat dish. The only times he took his eyes of him was when my sis or I opened the door or he stopped us looking at him through the window, but he only glanced at us briefly and then it was back to watching what was happening on the roof.

 He sat there the whole time. Not sure if he was sceptical of the neighbour, curious about what the humans were doing (humans are always up to weird stuff) or just wanted to make sure the job was done right so he could watch telly again. He's the one most often sleeping on top of my sis' TV (yes, the old, thick one with room for cats) so I guess he wants it to be on as much as possible so he gets a warm bed.

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