Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wonder where Jinja is?

We're having a new storm (named Sven here and cyclone Bodil in Denmark) and a new class 3 warning here in Skåne today -- and that's not a time when you're content not knowing where one of your cats are. Just counted them multiple times when feeding them and it turns out I can't find little Jinja. [Now was when I began writing, before the power went out around seven, it's back now -- unlike Jinja.]

Now, cats aren't stupid. If she is outside rather than, say, trapped inside or sleeping in a hideaway forgetting the food, she will be in hiding so I'm pretty calm about it. But not totally calm as there are some really tough gusts of wind (you should just here what it sounds like sitting here on the upper floor!). It's not so much a worry that she'll be hurt by falling trees or other debris (I think I heard the bin blow away) as a worry that she's cold and scarred, especially since this storm seems to be overstaying its welcome longer than Simone.

Uggi ran out when my sis had to go from our little house into the main house, but when we went out again -- the winds calmed down slightly -- he came back. It's no fun being out in weather like this, he said cowering next to me by the front door. Had to wait for a gust to calm down before it felt safe to run, which Uggi in my arms, to our door.

One thing feels pretty goood though: we don't have to worry about the horse chestnut. Had it still been up, I might not even have dared sitting here in this room under the roof on the side facing the garden... Last reports I heard they had measured wind speeds up to 36 metres per second on Hallands Väderö, which is less than the max during Simone, but because it's staying so long and the winds are so hard, at the moment this storm feels almost worse than Simone.

Just for fun, I copied this map from the intitute of meteorology showing the current warnings. I live in the only part with a class 3 warning -- and near the coast at that (see arrow). We're used to autumn/winter storms and windy weather, but two class 3 storms in just a few weeks is very unusual. Fingers crossed there won't be too much damages this time -- Simone was enough for one storm season!

PS! You can already read about the storm/cyclone on Wikipedia here.

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