Friday, 6 December 2013

Stormy weather -- again!

Ok, so I live near the western coast of Skåne so stormy weather is part of the season. November storms, winter storms, even spring storms. But massive storms with hurricane gales, like Simone and now Sven, aren't that common. Especially not two such storms so close together. Luckily, no trees fell near the houses this time. Unless you count a birch that's tilting more and more.

Because it's still really windy today -- Sven is really outstaying his welcome, Simone knew to move on -- I haven't been able to go for a walk and see what it's like in the surroundings, but hopefully all the weak trees fell already during Simone so there'll be less damage this time. Most of the damage I've seen around the farm is a knocked over windmill (the small scale kind used as garden feature), more broken glass in the large greenhouse and a sad looking porch fence. And that tilting birch, which was tilting a bit already before Sven, but now is on the verge of falling.

Simone and Sven sure has given us a lot to tidy up! And no telly as they both decided to swing the the satellite dish (well, at least we have internet connection).

And, no, that's not where and how we normally keep the bin. That's quite a long way it flew, from the side of the road almost all the way to the barn.

As for Jinja, well, after going to bed around 1 AM when the storm had reached its climax, I woke up at 3:30 by the odour of a stinky poo Knatti did on the floor. Opened the window for five seconds to air out the stench and Jinja must've seen that because when I went back to bed I heard a faint (over the storm) but persistent meowing from outside. Oh, you should've seen her run in. Poor girl, so upset and probably cold, but completely unharmed physically. She missed the food, but at least she got to sleep indoors in the end.

It's still windy, as already mentioned, and it's fun to the the cats' reactions. Being outdoor/indoor cats some of them just had to go out when I went inside. Uggi had spent at least five minutes standing by the door, meowing and urging me to let him out while I was changing clothes. They ran out and it took a few seconds before realising the weather was rubbish. Knatti ran in zig-zag (as the wind pushed him) to take cover under the car and Uggi froze, feeling very upset about how the wind messed with his long fur and made his nose cold and his eyes water. I picked him up and got him back inside, much to his delight. Knatti hated the weather too, but said he had to go do his business. After that he ran to me like he was chased by fire, wanting to get back into the warmth far away from hard, cold winds. Hard, cold winds with occasional mixed with snow pellets. Brrr...

Darn, it feels like the winds are getting harder again... (Just a class 2 warning off the coast and class 1 inland today, though, so that's pretty ok.)

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