Monday, 28 April 2014

Meowy Monday: the wood anemone edition

Lately, I've mostly focused on all the colourful flowers that's popping up in the garden: daffodils, forsythia, tulips, pasque flower, violets (they're speading real good!), daisies, dandelions, the yellow flowers on the bush that I don't know the name of, annual honesty, bird cherry, cherry blossom etc. But last week I noticed just how full of wood anemones the hill was this year and decided I had to get some more pics before they started wilted. This time Julle and Knatti acompanied me on the walk so I'm making the pics into a Meowy Monday post (haven't had many of them lately...).

I'm just going to put up the pics in the order they were taken as it's getting late here. Meaning the kitties will be mixed with pics of flowers only.

I said initially that it was wood anemones, but to be fair the wood sorrel is in bloom now too and it helped filling in the carpet of white blossom. So why not end with a close-up of a sweet little oxalis flower?


  1. I'm assuming those are your cats, but are they? They're really cute.

    1. Yepp, my/our little sweethearts! They're brothers, though not from the same litter: Knatti is a year older. And two of our all in all nine cats. (The other seven cats are the females Jinja, Ninna, Randa and Mimi and the males Figaro/Figge, Ullegull/Ubbi and Jisse. At the moment, Randa and Mimi är the only two striped cats we have, the rest are black and white. Ubbi is a semi-longhair.)

  2. Lovely Spring pics. Milka


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