Saturday, 5 April 2014

Monthly bead soup palette catch-up post

So... Not blogging regularly has meant I've missed posting my monthly bead mix inspiration posts. Therefore I'm making a long post today, showing palettes for three months: february, march and april. Going from the newest to the oldest.


For april, I made two palettes as I couldn't choose which one to use. For the first palette I used rose gold and aquamarine, a very pretty combo that I mixed up with some white for an even more summerlike colour combination. Then I just had to do another sweet mix using light pink beads mixed with the same rose gold and white beads.

I really like mixing rose gold or copper with mint/aquamarine or pink right now (minus the white, it was just added for the palettes, personally I like very simple colour combos). But for some reason I never mix mint and pink in the same mix. Though if you're curious about the result I've got this pic for you:


I never meant for the april palettes to feel so similar to the previous month's mix, but I guess spring has made me fond of soft, sweet colours. I don't love pastels, far from it, but sometimes you can't help but find these kind of colours so pretty. The linen cord is like a softened pastel version of Radiant Orchid so the mix can also be said to have been inspired by the Color of the Year.

This combo is similar to this cat necklace. As mentioned before, I really like the combo cream and brown as it goes so well together with many colours: pink, purple, green, russet, blue, turquoise, teal etc.


Going backwards makes the february palette look boring as it's the one with the least colour, but you have to remember that I made this one after the dark january palette and the equally dark and colourful december and november palettes. It was a nice break from the dark colours in time for spring -- and I promise that this simple, neutral colour combo looks very nice and sophisticated in real life!

Here I used Swarovski pearls, but you can also find the same or similar colours in silky multi-coloured moonstone or (semi-)matte metallic glass beads.


  1. Lovely combos. Rose gold is versatile. For me too, mint and pink is a new combination. Rose gold is the perfect choice as metal colour for these pallettes. It looks elegant and romantic with those colours. Can't see the cat necklace. Is it the one with the beautiful Siamese/Birma(?) bead and silk ribbon? Milka

    1. Oops, I forgot something there... Yes, it was supposed to be a link to the siamese cat necklace.


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