Friday, 11 April 2014

The yellow garden

It's the season of yellow flowers, at least in our garden. Of cause there's been yellow flowers earlier this spring too as well as there are a few flowers in other colour than yellow (scilla, violets etc), but right now it's the yellow colour that dominated against the green grass and budding leaves. Daffodils, lesser celadines (svalört), forsythia and the last few yellow stars-of-bethlehem (vårlök). The yellow crocus are, on the other hand, wilted by now. Not sure about the tussilagos as we don't have them right hear, but I'm adding a pic I took a little over two weeks ago.

Not all daffodils are in full bloom just yet, but they still fill much of the northern lawn as usual.

Even indoors, the yellow flowers are present, brightening the rooms.

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